Every muscle in our body needs to have an adequate amount of both strength and flexibility to function well. When we think about targeting the thighs most of the attention gets placed on the Quads (along the front of the thigh), and the Hamstrings (along the back of the thigh) since these two muscles groups are needed to bend and straighten the knee and help us stand up, sit down, climb stairs, etc...

If you let this pass for a long time, it may develop into something grave. Abnormalities in the bone structure may be considered as . It may also be known as "halux valgus". They are tissue masses and bone that form at the joint in between the big toe and the foot. The part of the feet that swells is the burlac sac. The formation of a bunion begins when the big toe shifts to toe beside it. This shifting of the toes creates anomalous angles which forms the masses on the joints. When this happens, your joints may be surrounded with as much as 2 layers of bones. This could be very painful.

While most toe deformities are a result of poorly fitting shoes, a claw toe is caused by muscle imbalance, and the imbalance may be due to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, polio, neuromuscular disorders, a stroke or other conditions. A claw toe is a toe that is contracted at the middle and end joints and can occur in any toe except the Halux Valgus. It can lead to severe pain and pressure. The toe curls downward due to tendons and ligaments that have tightened. The top part of the toe rubs against the shoe causing discomfort at the top and the end of the toe. The toe is also pressed against the bottom of the shoe causing pain.

That was probably one of the most uncool moments of my life. I've partied with rock stars, traveled around the world, hung out with celebrities and here I am ... trying desperately not to bust out my stitches, slip and fall or forget to whip the curtain shut before I hobble to my oversized potty seat.

You should always consult a doctor for treatment of gout. But some of the drugs used for gout - such as allopurinol, colchicine, indomethacin, and prednisone - can cause serious side effects.

How many of us go barefooted once we are inside our homes? I know I do. That is more for the cats' safety as well as my comfort (Barefoot I can tell if I am stepping on a tail and do less damage than if I am wearing three inch heels) However, walking barefoot can overstretch your plantar fascia (that is the band of tissue running under your foot) which can increase the risk of being in pain. Wear socks at the least, slippers at the most inside the comfort of your own home. In addition, if you chose to wear slippers, upgrade them to include arch support. Arch support simply alleviates aches... everything in footwear that you own should have arch support. I know my ultra comfortable boots so, another reason to justify that my Foot Pain does not stem from them.

Corns are really nothing more than hardened dead skin around the toes that often turns yellow and causes pain and irritation. Podiatrists recommend a wide, box-toed shoe that has soft cushions under the ball of the foot. A simple gel insole or doughnut-shaped pad may also work for corns.

Unfortunately, a lot of the things that go wrong with your feet either require surgery or it is so little that nothing can be done and it just has to heal on its own. Some things can be prevented, but other things just happen some times. You walk around every day all day and there is a lot of room for something to go wrong. If you play sports, it is even easier to get hurt. Being careful will prevent a lot of issues but if problems occur and sometimes they just do, going to the doctor would be the best bet even if you think it is just something small. It could be something more serious that needs attention.